02 September, 2012

Teeth schmeeth, who needs 'em.

Rhys and Harold... and a mysterious new duck.


I love this picture. Harold is talking to us! He was telling us about his lunch.

Some day I am going to break in and hug the bears.

This is my goat... this is the one who does not get goat snot all over me when I feed him.

I love this chicken because he has fluffy little feather shoes. 
I want fluffy little feather shoes.

Lazy red pandas...

Skinny-ass wolf.


Hugest horsie in the universe.

I had the best weekend. Busy, too! Rhys did the cutest thing... he took me on an elderly date. We had dinner at the Olive Garden at 4:30PM, then went to Total Recall at 5:30PM so I wouldn't fall asleep, ha. It's the first time we've ever gone to a movie that I didn't sleep all the way through!

Handsome. Kiss.

Yesterday Dana and I went to breakfast at the Muzzle Loader for omelettes and Caesars (breakfast drink, it's mostly a salad, really, very good for you), then played Bezzerwizzer with Shan and Becca.

Becca: Do you seriously support Romney, Coralene?

After the game was over I made stuffed chicken at Rhys', then "napped" ("totally wine-passed out") until he woke me up a little later and nice things happened. I seriously debated calling off today because I just wanted to lay in bed with him and be a lazy bum all day, but decided to be responsible and work, go me. 

I believe I am going to be needing an emergency visit to the dentist soon... one of my front teeth is fake (I have an implant that has a bridge on the back of it for support... I slipped on the ice and fell a long time ago) and this weekend, whilst attempting to be an impressive indoor one-hand-cartwheel master gymnast, my elbow buckled and I fell right on my mouth. RIGHT ON MY FUCKING MOUTH. I knocked my bridge loose and I am terrified that my implant is just going to come flying out if I say a "T" too hard. Fucking hillbilly.


Alex said...

You and Rhys are so cute!

Fawn and Flower said...

I have to agree! We have the best times :)

Alex said...

PS I keep coming back to look at the picture of that omelette. It looks amazing...

Chandar said...

It's so funny to see you talk about the zoo...Those bears are incredibly gross and stinky, You don't wanna hug them...And the goat that you love, her name is Lucy and she's a sweetheart! I love her lots too! And the two white ducks names' are Pocket and Peeps..but I like Harold better :-)....You guys are too cute, I love it!

banda said...

nice pictures.