03 September, 2012


I've had a Livejournal account since 2002. That's nuts. I was just reading some old posts... this one was from September 3, 2004 and it made me laugh:

MY ASS HURTS and no not like that kthxxxxx it's because i got this random idea in my head two nights ago that i should go running, and i meant to be gone for about an hour or so but i got REALLY lost and it took two hours (i was running in the opposite direction of home, apparently). i had to stop a pizza hut delivery man to ask him directions to my house (haha "do you know where i live?").

also, my face hurts, because i accidentally bashed it into my desk and my labret jewelry split my gums on the bottom and that makes me want to cry.

...always having weird random accidents!
Ha, "do you know where I live?"


kt said...

Reading my old posts usually makes me cringe, but I feel compelled to do it every so often :)

Ncr Flower said...

its interesting