24 September, 2012

Violet Gradient Havana

Last night at the grocery store, we kept walking past this kind of timid-looking little man in a black t-shirt. Every time we crossed paths, Rhys would immediately change conversational direction and start talking about how drunk I was (I was not even drinking).

"No, you just think that because you're wasted right now."
"You can hardly walk, you're too drunk."

The next couple times we passed him, I started talking about how Rhys beats me.

"I'm sorry. Just please don't hit me any more tonight."
(and flinching if he even remotely lifted an arm)

We are exciting people, we do exciting things.

I interviewed for a different position (within the same company) last month. On Friday I finally had a second interview over the phone, with two people in New York. Now I have to wait two more weeks to find out anything more about it. Tortuuuuure.

Last, whilst cleaning my desk yesterday, I found my old cheap reading glasses. Now I look very clever. However, these are still my dream glasses. LOVE so so much. Need.