14 September, 2012


Seriously, we ALWAYS end up taking pictures of ourselves on the ground somehow. It's so weird and funny at the time, then the next day we're both like "why did we do that?" We should just stay OUT of the dirt and buy the Demeter "Dirt" fragrance, if we like it so much.

I think I FINALLY found an apartment! Back to the Harvest Grangers, haha. I lived there for about three years with Graham, and the apartment will be almost identical. It'll be a little weird but I'm just relieved... it's taken so long that I've had to push back the time I get P back, which is heartbreaking, but at least now she'll have a little home and no stress and just, a regular life again (she has had a completely regular life with her dad in Nashville, that's not what I'm saying; I meant before she went there). I think Graham has a new girlfriend too and she looks super super cute and nice and I'm really happy for him! I'm seeing his mom today for awhile so hopefully we can gossip, haha. 

I watched Return of the Jedi yesterday (this was before I turned into a total shit show) and can now proudly say that I have seen all three Star Wars films... I'm not too concerned about the new ones; I can see those later, but I really had to get the original three out of the way. Especially since I'd already made a Star Wars dress... it seemed a bit silly wearing that but knowing I'd never seen them. 

And nowwww, shopping day!