30 September, 2012

Alex P. Keaton Love

[Rhys makes fun of me when I use photo filters]

I got the cutest coat in the universe the other day... I shop in the kids section of stores a lot and I found a leopard-print fur coat at Target for only $39.99! I squealed. It has hot pink satin lining and fits perfectly.

I need ideas! We're having dress-up week at work from October 8-12. The 9th is "Career Day", where you dress up as what you wanted to be when you grew up, when you were little. My problem is that I always wanted to be an actuary (handling insurance risks/premiums for large companies), even as a super little kid, and that isn't a very fun thing to dress up as. I guess the costume doesn't have to be TRUE, I just need to come up with something better than... well, how I dress every single day at work otherwise. 


kirsty said...


Danielle said...

You are so cute!

Just dress all nerdy maybe? Throw in a pocket protector. Hah.

Pe M. said...

Pe M. said...

Pe M. said...

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Anonymous said...

you should be a unicorn!! ps i bought that girls coat at target too, i cannot wait to wear it.

Meghan <3

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