30 September, 2012

A bum no longer!

Yesterday I made blueberry muffins, drank 57,000 glasses of wine, and went to bed at 4PM. I woke up at 9:30-ish, ordered pizza, and we ate it in bed and watched Law & Order SVU, then I went back to sleep :) It was basically a perfect day, rest-wise at least. Pretty sure Rhys thinks I put wine in the muffins though.

Guess what. I AM NOT HOMELESS ANY MORE! My friends have decided that they want to have a baby, so they bought a bigger house, and I get to rent their old house. I am so, so thankful/relieved/overjoyed!! Finally! Ahhhhhhh I still can't believe it; I just found out for sure yesterday and I'm still beaming. 

I bought two more Christmas presents for Rhys yesterday, and I already know what I'm getting for everybody else too. I can't wait! I want everybody to open everything early... that, or I'll just tell them what their presents are. I hate surprises. 


Nova said...

Yay for not being homeless!! :) And pizza.

Danielle said...

I love it when things work out. Fate is amazing. I'm glad you are no longer homeless AND that you had a super relaxing day.

I can't wait for christmas time either. I love getting gifts for people! Besides, my birthday is on the twelfth of December.

kt said...

There are few comforting joys in life than a nice bf, Law & Order, pizza, and a roof over one's head :)

SpinsterGirl said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!

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