19 August, 2012

Saturday Adventures

Yesterday we woke up early and went to Farmer's Market, had breakfast downtown, and went to the zoo. Later I drank way too much wine and made chicken pot pies and ate a loaf of bread. Almost. But seriously.

I thought these guys were adorable... Rhys did not.

My favorite part of Farmer's Market is eating, of course, but nothing sounded good yesterday. 
Rhys had a tamale and I bought the hottest salsa in the universe.

This goat!! I have mixed feelings about feeding goats at the zoo. 
This one was super nice and didn't make much of a mess. 
The other naughtier one slobbers snot all over the place. It is totally sick. Rhys reminded me to bring a napkin this time (I was so grossly goat-slimy the last time we went to the zoo) but it didn't really help much... it was so bad that the goat's face was about six inches from my hand, with a big string of snotslobber connecting us. The rest of the time we were there, when I put my arm around Rhys, he said, "NOT WITH THE GOAT HAND!" Haha.

"So, you went to the zoo and you saw a horse... you realize you live in Montana, right, and that horses are everywhere..."


This is Harold, Rhys' duck. Rhys is the duck whisperer. 
Harold loves him very much. 

  • I haven't had heartburn since I was pregnant. Loaf of bread, never again.
  • I just did a recount on my medication and realized I over-medicated yesterday, completely by accident. Bad. Bad. I need to set an alarm on my phone and only take it when it goes off. 
  • I actually don't have terrible anxiety any more... I think my last relationship was just such stressful bullshit that I was really starting to go nuts. I take my medication but overall, I just feel better. Safer, happier, healthier. 
  • I have been talking in my sleep a lot. Rhys said that last night I told him that I was eating bear ears.
  • I jokingly called Rhys boo yesterday and he broke up with me. I asked if we could get back together and he said yes, as long as I don't say boo too much any more. I asked what 'too much' was. He said, "Once." :)
  • Mmm I love him.

I am a total dick.


nova said...

Eating bear ears, hey? MMM

nova said...

99 rtickr

nova said...

HHAHAHAHA woops, I just posted my captcha answer somehow?

Amanda said...

Glad to see you're doing well! I took a bit of a break with blogging due to reasons pretty similar to yours and it feels good to come back and see you happy again.

Much love.

Amy Lane said...

Oh I am so happy you are happy. The overall tone is amazingly happy. And you look happy. So the gist- you look, er, happy. :)

Ncr Flower said...

Real Adventure..

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