22 October, 2011

Vegan Shepherd's Pie

I have to thank Ainsley for this one. She mentioned shepherd's pie on her blog and it sounded like a really good idea for today. I found a vegan recipe here (thank you for suggesting that site, Miss Makes-a Lot!) and hardly changed anything, except for a few spices. I also added a bag of cooked/chopped Gardein beefless tips and, of course, a little extra wine :)


Litterbox Slave said...

I suggest you open up a vegan/vegetarian food place in Billings. I think it would do GREAT! Lots of folks there eat that way or are willing to give it a try now and again, but don't have a ton of options. I think you'd be wonderful at it.

Also, you could design it to be a really cute vintage little place. You could sew all the curtains, chair covers and table cloths.

Ohhhh I want you to do this. HAHA!

samboy said...

wine?!? I've been making my shepherd's pies alllll wrong! :)

Ainsley said...

ooo la la. scratch making one, can i just have yours?

Miss Makes-a-Lot said...

yea! everything ive made from that site is FANTASTIC! especially paired with a big glass of wine! (or cider and vodka, because your next post made me want to run out and buy that yummy vodka!!)